Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Eighteenth Emergency

27th August -4th September 2010

Private View: 26th August 2010: 6.30-8.30pm
Deptford Last Friday Late Opening: 27th August 2010 we remain open until 8:30pm

Andrew Bryant, Frauke Dannert, Chas Higginbottom, Burcu Yagcioglu, Daniel P. Lichtman and Stefan Sulzer

Altar, Frauke Dannert

Core Gallery is delighted to present 'The Eighteenth Emergency', an exhibition that brings together the work of international artists. All of the artists are current Goldsmiths MFA graduates and already have established careers in the art world. The exhibition is curated by Andrew Bryant, Artist, writer and editor of Artist’s Talking, a-n.

‘The Eighteenth Emergency’ is an exhibition of photography, sculpture, installation and video which explores the many issues surrounding masculinity; addressing the violent and aggressive dimensions of male identity.

The show will be accompanied with an Artist & Curators Talk with Andrew Bryant on 4th September.

In Betsy Byers’ The Eighteenth Emergency, a short novel for boys, Mouse and his best friend Ezzie have come up with 17 action plans for various types of emergency, such as Attack by an Unfriendly Lion. But nothing has prepared them for the 18th emergency: being on the wrong side of Marv Hammerman, every eighth-grader's worst nightmare.

However the real emergency is masculinity itself, something that, in a sexist society such as ours, for which gendered subjectivity is foundational, we are all on the ‘wrong’ side of.

Taking its name from Byers’ book, the exhibition Eighteenth Emergency brings together five artists whose work addresses the violence and aggression, either actual, or implied, inherent in taking up a position in relation to, or within, masculinity.

Press Release

You should have seen the other guy, Stefan Sulzer

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