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Core Gallery - Featured Venue on Deptford Art Map | 29 June 2010

The Core Gallery was recently listed as a Featured Venue on the Deptford Art Map. The article describes the gallery as a 'thriving studio complex.'

It praises Core's opening exhibition 'Exquisite Corpse' as 'a unique, inspiring selection of work', defining it as a 'diverse, imaginative and highly successful first show'.

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Rosalind Davis - Featured in Becky Hunter Interview | 29 June 2010

Rosalind Davis, Core Gallery manager, was recently featured in an interview piece by Becky Hunter, about the highs, lows and intricate details of setting up, administrating and promoting an artist-run space in Deptford.

AIR Interview with Rosalind Davis | 23 June, 2010

AIR member Rosalind Davis is a mixed media painter and graduate from the RCA. She creates melancholic dystopian landscapes that explore human experience and identity. A freelance lecturer and creative practitioner with work in both public and private collections, Davis is also founding member of Core Gallery, an artist led exhibition space in Creekside, the new art hotspot in Deptford, London.

Here she discusses her thoughts on the new coalition government and how cuts to arts funding will affect her personally.

AIR Interview: Rosalind Davis on the new coalition | AIR | a-n

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