Friday, 30 July 2010

The Pleasure Parlour

Join us at Core Gallery for an art festival celebrating the exotic, the erotic and sensuality with fabulous work from Enver G├╝rsev, Holly Revell, Kelda Hole and Peter Davis. Each artist has their own approach to exploring the physical form but an exploration it will be!

Private View 10th September: 6pm-late
11th-12th September: 12-6pm

Prepare to be turned on - Deptford has never been so sexy.

There will be live music, performers, dancers & DJs throughout Friday night and Saturday

Holly will be doing her interactive light photography - come and get light painted. It's an experience between photographer and subject which can be a pure or as erotic as you like!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sisyphus: The Absurd Hero

Curated by Rachel Price

7 artists respond to the Greek myth of Sisyphus through sculpture and video, exploring notions of the absurd, futility and circularity whilst displaying an immersion in the process, be it material or conceptual.

In Greek mythology Sisyphus was the king who for his crimes was subjected to the ceaseless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain only to watch it fall down the other side, and to repeat this for all eternity. It is Sisyphus’ approach to his hopeless fate that rouses interest, the myth being frequently revisited by both visual artists and literary figures.

Nick Bailey’s work uses readily recognisable and archetypal objects as a launchpad to a new realm, one of temptation and disappointment. Using a language of familiarity which stretches to one of whimsical desire and self-restraint, Bailey’s work questions the act of spectatorship. Is it acceptable to engage with the work? At best, this still only amounts to physical contact with an object or objects and remains only a superficial disguise.

Alexander Bates is inspired by the human desire to create order out of disorder, undermining and rebelling against this compulsion. His work attempts to question the definition of something as a “work” of art, as well as questioning the object’s value.

Jim Bond is best known for his large scale kinetic sculptures and installations. Bond uses the human condition as a springboard for his mechanical works. Often reductive and subtly humorous these works highlight the circular nature of the everyday. The cold mechanical aesthetic of these works is frequently at odds with the very human content evoked.

Through his work Rodney Dee explores notions of ritualism and the connections held between physical action and transcendence. Whilst working predominately in video and basing works around the body, Dee looks to explore one’s ability to exceed boundaries, and move between different spaces. An interest in the perpetual nature of the Sisyphus legend comes to the fore in Dee’s artistic practice.

JooHee Hwang’s questioning of the idea of territory results from personal experience: of finding herself in unfamiliar surrounds. She explores a ‘subjectivity of space’ through her vast sculptural installations. Hwang’s interest in the Sisyphus myth lies in the notion of a world within a world: for Sisyphus, the mountain became a world within itself, a new reality.

Rachel Price's work is concerned with investigating the dynamic between our material and our conceptual worlds, often through the pairing of image and form. Price works on the assumption that our physical experience of the world helps inform our conceptual formation of it. As an independent curator Prices provides opportunities for artists to produce new works in response to challenging curatorial themes, questioning the context of artistic practice.

The exhibiting artists are amongst the freshest of the contemporary arts sphere in London and all have well-established careers in the art world, both in the UK and internationally. It is a pleasure to bring them together in Deptford, itself home to a burgeoning artistic community which it is Core Gallery’s intention to reveal.

Press Release for The Eighteenth Emergency!

Get all the in depth info on the brilliant forthcoming show at Core Gallery (27 Aug - 4 Sep) simply by downloading our press release!

The Eighteenth Emergency Press Release

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

July newsletter out now!

Read CoreGallery's first newsletter, just published!

Keep up to date with gallery happenings, including exciting news about our forthcoming exhibitions, The Eighteenth Emergency and Deptford X.

Simply click below to get the latest info and latest press.

July Newsletter 2010

The Eighteenth Emergency

27th August -4th September 2010

Private View: 26th August 2010: 6.30-8.30pm
Deptford Last Friday Late Opening: 27th August 2010 we remain open until 8:30pm

Andrew Bryant, Frauke Dannert, Chas Higginbottom, Burcu Yagcioglu, Daniel P. Lichtman and Stefan Sulzer

Altar, Frauke Dannert

Core Gallery is delighted to present 'The Eighteenth Emergency', an exhibition that brings together the work of international artists. All of the artists are current Goldsmiths MFA graduates and already have established careers in the art world. The exhibition is curated by Andrew Bryant, Artist, writer and editor of Artist’s Talking, a-n.

‘The Eighteenth Emergency’ is an exhibition of photography, sculpture, installation and video which explores the many issues surrounding masculinity; addressing the violent and aggressive dimensions of male identity.

The show will be accompanied with an Artist & Curators Talk with Andrew Bryant on 4th September.

In Betsy Byers’ The Eighteenth Emergency, a short novel for boys, Mouse and his best friend Ezzie have come up with 17 action plans for various types of emergency, such as Attack by an Unfriendly Lion. But nothing has prepared them for the 18th emergency: being on the wrong side of Marv Hammerman, every eighth-grader's worst nightmare.

However the real emergency is masculinity itself, something that, in a sexist society such as ours, for which gendered subjectivity is foundational, we are all on the ‘wrong’ side of.

Taking its name from Byers’ book, the exhibition Eighteenth Emergency brings together five artists whose work addresses the violence and aggression, either actual, or implied, inherent in taking up a position in relation to, or within, masculinity.

Press Release

You should have seen the other guy, Stefan Sulzer

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Exhibitions

I am about to have a short break and the gallery is having a little breather of exhibitions before we launch into a breakneck series of shows and events in August beginning with a-n's very own Artists Talking editor Andrew Bryant who is bringing a group exhibition , The Eighteenth Emergency into Core Gallery . I asked Andrew a while ago if he wanted to bring a show to Core, confident in his vision, aesthetic, curation and judgement. I am curious to see how Core will once again be transformed .

Also , it shall be interesting to look at the contrast to our recent CSM MA fine art show and whether indeed there is a difference in approach, aesthetic etc

We also have a sculpture exhibition programmed in at the end of October which is also very exciting and shall be very transformative in the space. Rachel is super organised and has the show ready to rock and roll!

The deptford x open submissions are pouring in and are fascinating and of a very high standard. I am looking forward to seeing the show that shall be selected
Get your entries in now! Just under 3 weeks to go!
2 exhibitions squeezed in this week: The Whitstable Biennal at which I saw the marvellous Kate Murdoch, an artist from Deptford whose work explores memory, identity, nostalgia in very interactive works.

Saw the RCA Show at last, painting and sculpture left me a bit cold and bored. I think it would be interesting if a show full of wildly convergent styles, themes , techniques, ideas had some information about the artists rather than a big black wall of silence. I think it would be beneficial. Although there seems to be a trend in art schools to not provide any explanation/statement etc. Art as experience , not art as engagement ……
For my own short break I am currently deciding which of the 5 books I don’t need to take . I have a beautiful Egon Schiele Landscape book which I currently adore, Ways of Seeing by John Berger, How to be an Artist by Michael Atavar ( very interesting and not patronising at all – should be called how to try and balance your life and mental health as an artist! ) Then Pablo Neruda Poetry and Orhan Pamuk’s novel My Name is Red……