Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rosalind Davis - Featured in Becky Hunter Interview

Rosalind Davis , Core Gallery manager, was recently featured in an interview piece by Becky Hunter, about the highs, lows and intricate details of setting up, administrating and promoting an artist-run space in Deptford.

Core Gallery - Featured Venue on Deptford Art Map

The Core Gallery was recently listed as a Featured Venue on the Deptford Art Map. The article describes the gallery as a 'thriving studio complex.'

It praises Core's opening exhibition 'Exquisite Corpse' as 'a unique, inspiring selection of work', defining it as a 'diverse, imaginative and highly successful first show'.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

AIR Interview: Rosalind Davis on the new coalition | AIR | a-n

AIR member Rosalind Davis is a mixed media painter and graduate from the RCA. She creates melancholic dystopian landscapes that explore human experience and identity. A freelance lecturer and creative practitioner with work in both public and private collections, Davis is also founding member of Core Gallery, an artist led exhibition space in Creekside, the new art hotspot in Deptford, London.

Here she discusses her thoughts on the new coalition government and how cuts to arts funding will affect her personally.

AIR Interview: Rosalind Davis on the new coalition | AIR | a-n

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Central Saint Martins MA Exhibition - 25 June - 3 July 2010

If You Don’t Like the Road You Are Walking, Start Paving Another One

25 JUNE – 3 JULY 2010

Deptford Last Friday: 25 June, 12:00pm until 8.30pm
General Opening times: Thursday- Saturday 12-5pm or by appointment

Core Gallery is delighted to present an onsite collaborative experiment in collage, sculpture, photography, drawing, video and performance by four artists currently studying on the MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

1. We will make work in the gallery.
2. We will work with limited materials.
3. We will work under a set of rules.
4. We will break the rules.
5. We will work independently.
6. We will work together.
7. We will do no work.
8. We are the work.

About the Artists:

Kate Janes

My work has been sculpture based for the past five years and has evolved through various stages incorporating large outdoor public events as well as smaller, performative pieces. The work I have chosen for this show is called ‘Hostess’ and consists of three photographs of papier mache heads on sticks which are guests at a fantasy dinner party, where I am the perfect hostess, confident, witty and the centre of attention. This is in somewhat stark contrast to reality and these images depict an afternoon where I called the shots.

Kim Kielhofner

My work is a process that examines my environment and shifts through the narratives that are woven in it. I use these narratives in my work, particularly studying the historical implications of these in how we understand stories, how we remember, and how we place ourselves within them. Part of my process is collecting the remains of my environment (fliers, discarded tickets, receipts, menus) and layering them into a book inserting drawings and notes. I am rearranging, dispersing material in a way where subjectivities can unfold. This process runs parallel to my video practice where I work with fragments of video, some that I have found from the history of cinema and some that I have taken in my environment. Similarly I bring these video fragments together. I bring them together under a narrative, but use timing, pacing, and the quality of the image itself to play off of each other to expand the space and create a layering of histories.

Kate Allen

Woven into a series of unstable historical narratives the artwork or art object undeniably exists, enduring only through reading, re-reading and re-invention. What this endurance of the artwork or art object can reveal about the nature of history is central to my practice.

Sarah Gilbert

Most of my work is inspired by real and surreal world, movies and actors, cityscapes and nature. My practice tends to render equivalent two typologies of work: painting and collage. There are ‘two sarahs’ in a way, a serious, controlled one and
a crazy freer one. The minimalist landscapes painted with gloss and oil paint on aluminium or stainless steel sheets and collages, answering to the principles of minimalism, it is question of precision, conceptual coldness and the importance of the physical presence of the materials. Doing collage is more emotional, it is paying attention to details, outlining selected shapes, it is a funny meeting of oppositions, happening at the surface of things.

Furthermore, collage is obviously mostly based on the mode of reappropriation because it is choosing pre-existing forms from different sources you find singular in everyday life. However, my intention is different from entertainment or communication because it
doesn’t serve for needs, I am driving my work to a dimension Heidegger calls ‘an unusual space’, a freed space, ‘clearing a space larger than the typical space’. To approach this particular space, I make an effort of presence of the work, by presence I mean density of manifestation, how to increase the presence (charisma) of the shape shown in its relation with the world (the wall and the space of exhibition, the light, the viewers).

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Engine ChatChat (Peer Discussion Groups) - 20th June 2010

Engine ChatChat is a peer on peer critique and discussion. It is supportive, constructive criticism from considered perspectives. The aim is to question, support and encourage. These are open to all disciplines and anyone interested in participating in or listening to discussions on art-works.

Our next Engine ChatChat (Informal Peer Critique) will take place at 2pm Saturday 20th June at the Core Gallery.

It will coincide with the gallery’s Open Studios, Wilderness & JumbleJumble.To register please e-mail a link to your work online & a preliminary question you would like to ask (this can change) to: coregalleryinfo@gmail.com. Please use "Engine ChatChat" in the e-mail subject line.

Numbers are limited so please register as soon as possible.

There are different types of Engine ChatChat as outlined below:

Engine ChatChat Informal Peer Critique

Here the group present their work (although others are welcome to contribute). Each artists gives a 5 min presentation discussing and asking a question about their own practice which is followed by an informal group critique. This is meant to be an open, casual event where everyone is encouraged to discuss and share their views on artistic processes.

Engine ChatChat Formal Peer Critique

This is a timed programme when 3-6 artists do a 10/15minute presentation of their work in front of a group. This is followed by a 20minute discussion from the audience, including a mixture of presenting artists & non-presenting artists/contributors.

Dates for our next Formal Peer Critique will be announced soon.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cor Blimey Arts Open Studios and JumbleJumble - 19th & 20th June 2010

19th and 20th June, 12-5pm

Opening Event: Friday 18th June from 6pm

Jumble-Jumble is an art focused ‘boot sale.’ Come along and buy or sell a piece art work for a snip of the artist normal price. Get yourself a beautiful work to treasure for your home or office or for an unusual gift, from an emerging artist.

Or alternatively, buy or sell some nearly new artists materials from the artists themselves- unused paints or canvas and or for a fraction of the price! Sample the creative atmosphere of Deptford and visit Cockpit Arts and Creekside Artists Open Studios on the same weekend as Jumble-Jumble all in Creekside.

Core Gallery will also feature open studios from the artists at Core Blimey Arts.

If you would like to set up a stall to sell your work or materials, please contact coregalleryinfo@gmail.com to arrange a space.

Wilderness Exhibition - Now on until June 20, 2010

Due to popular demand, the Core Gallery's "Wilderness" Exhibition will now be on display until the 20th of June.

"Wilderness" Exhibition open Tuesdays and Saturdays (12 - 5pm) or by appointment. Please e-mail coregalleryinfo@gmail.com if you require further information.