Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Art Talks at Core Gallery this weekend for GIFTED

Core Gallery Open studios. Part of the GIFTED Weekend
Cor Blimey Studios , Artists Talks. Free!

Core Gallery/ Cor Blimey Arts, C101 Faircharm Trading Estate, 8-12 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 3DX
Part of the GIFTED weekend of Art and Design in Deptford
Art Talks
Becoming Part of Something
Rosalind Davis, Mixed Media Artist&Writer
 Rosalind Dais is a mixed media painter, freelance lecturer, award winning blogger and Core Gallery Manager. She will discuss all of these roles:  her paintings and career through from textiles to fine art, blogging and becoming nominated to AIR to represent artists across the UK.
Talking Photography
Arnold Borgerth, Photographer
Come along and follow a step by step guide through the development of my career as an artist, academic and commercial photographer. Experience photography as a language, and hear about my take on how to move from taking pictures into making them
Enver Gursev
"Celebrated Artist Enver Gursev of 'Core Gallery' fame would be delighted if you joined him for an afternoon of discussion.  He will be talking about Art as a lifestyle, concept development, the delicate skill of 'seeing' and how to mix a damned fine cocktail."
Sunday 5th December

"What the hell am I doing here?!"
Neil Kelly, Mixed Media Artist www.neilkellyart.com
Neil will be talking about how his life experiences have shaped and informed his practice showing examples of the above. As a mixed media artist Neil works with just about anything he can get his hands on ….

“ Process and Progress ”
Elizabeth Murton, Artist
Elizabeth Murton practice explores a curiosity for woven forms, mark making and using unusual materials (such as 1400 tin cans!) to explore ideas of chaos, movement and order. Elizabeth will talk about her work in the current show Relay, her artist selection  and commissions for the Crafts Council Deptford X 2010.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Blue Drift, Graham Crowley


42 artists collaborate in pairs for Relay at artist-led space Core Gallery

Exhibition Dates: 27th November-18th December
Relay Private View: 26th November 6.30-9pm

Cor Blimey Arts Open Studios 4th-5th December
Private View: Friday 3rd December, 6.30-9pm

Open Saturdays and Sundays only 11-5pm or by appointment

Cor Blimey Artists slip on their curating shoes as they each select one guest artist to partner with for Relay. The ensuing dialogue between work bounces within Relay as each 'pair' of artists exhibit side by side. From these collaborations, unexpected associations venture out and connect across the whole of the show. The exhibition shall explore a range of themes and trends that proliferate in contemporary art today. This range will cover the distance of subtle similarities and narratives passing between works to contrasts in themes and aesthetics. All finding expression and relevance through the vitality of a shared connection in thought.

Relay will present a variety of artworks; painting, drawing, photography, performance, printmaking, installation and ceramics by established and emerging artists from the UK and around the world.

Studio Artists on the left , invited artists on the right:

Gillian Best Powell selects Jonathan Huxley
Arnold Borgerth selects Silvia Battista
Jane Boyer selects Annabel Tilley
Eleanor Bowen selects Miray Mehmet
Rosalind Davis selects Graham Crowley
Josie Dick selects Denise Hawrysio
Kasia Fijalkowska selects Tim Giles
Kelda Hole selects Melike Sen
Pierre Gerard selects Claire Astruc
Enver Gursev selects Antonio Pauciulo
Sarah Hervey selects Clare Stanhope
Neil Kelly selects Vanessa Smith
Ling-Ting Kao selects Alberto Torres
Stuart Kelly selects Tam Joseph
Geoff Litherland selects Chris Wraith
Elizabeth Murton selects Jenny Weiner
Rebekah Narewski selects Sandy Brown
Mo Negm selects Hannah Hopkin
Edd Pearman selects Ceal Warnants
Zoe Powell selects Mehtap Birgun
Deidre Ruane selects Stella Harding

Rosalind Davis, painter and Core Gallery Manager, says this about Relay,
"The idea for the exhibition came through a desire to allow our studio artist members to become their own mini curators and collaborators and for the exhibition to be a celebration of the achievements we have made at Core Gallery this year since opening in April 2010. The artists and artworks that have been selected are diverse and thought provoking. It is going to be a thrilling exhibition"

Davis invites mentor and fellow painter Graham Crowley, one of the most distinguished living painters in the UK today. Both painters project the historical, social and political backgrounds which infuse their painted environments with the identities of those who inhabit these physical environments but are absent from the painted scene. We're left with a distilled extraction of human psychology through environment.

Other examples of topics examined in Relay are an exploration of coding by Cor Blimey Artist Elizabeth Murton and her guest, artist Jenny Wiener who shapes her work from a desire "to understand the numerical systems that we create to organize our lives". Murton relates to these numerical systems through material and process. She is interested in "the linear visuals that are formed as materials are manipulated under pressure in a process such as weaving."

While Cor Blimey member Neil Kelly and his guest Vanessa Smith both explore flatness of line and colour in strange domestic scenes or banal landscapes. The flatness in their work reveals the tension and mystery in what can be termed ‘ordinary'.

New Core Gallery associate member, Jane Boyer extends an invitation to Annabel Tilley. Their collaboration for Relay entitled Extreme Narrative explores interrupted identity. Their contrasting approaches: idea/fact, abstraction/reality, gestural/graphic combine to create the friction of a spinning coin with elements from both sides visible at once. Boyer says, "through pairing my work with Annabel's, I've actually found a meaning to one of my works which I was struggling to find on my own. This show has been really stimulating."

Please read our Core Gallery interview with Relay artist and Core Gallery associate Jane Boyer here

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Psychometry Previews this week, the fab Nick Kaplony is back!

Psychometry Reminder: Preview this Friday 5th November

Curated by Nick Kaplony

PV: 5 November 6.30 - 9.30pm
Exhibition Dates: 6-20 November
Artists & Curators in dialogue 20 November 3pm

We also have a wonderful Core Gallery Interview with Nick Kaplony here

Core Gallery is delighted to present Psychometry, an exhibition of works by 12 contemporary artists that channel and manifest the intangible and invisible through their work. The exhibition takes its title from a practice employed by psychics and mediums, whereby past events and personal histories are divined through physical contact with an object.

Claire Haddon, Peter Jones, Nick Kaplony, Sean Langton, Debbie Lawson, Sophie Molins, Michaela Nettell and Tom Simmons, Richard Paul, Helen Pynor, Melanie Stidolph, Karen Stripp.

Please see our website for more information