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Deptford X: Core Gallery Open Exhibition

The Sacrifice, James Wright
Private View 23rd SEPTEMBER, 6-9pm
General Opening Times:
Thursday - Sunday 11-6pm or by appointment

Eighteen artists were selected from an outstanding pool of
entries from across the world by Graham Crowley, the UK’s
most distinguished living painter, Matt Roberts of Matt Roberts
Art and Kate Jones, Marketing Director of John Jones.

Jonny Aldous, Eleanor Bowen, Tom Butler, Mr Clement, Robin Dixon, Louisa Durose,
Marenka Gabeler, Alison Hand, Alyson Helyer, Anna-Maria Kardos, Simon Leahy Clark,
Jin Han Lee, Marion Michell, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Edd Pearman, Daisy Richardson,
Liz West and James Wright.

The group of selected artists includes a number of winners of the Jerwood drawing and
painting prizes, Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, John Moores and the Selfridges Art
Exhibition: Anticipation. Many are graduates from The Royal College of Art, Chelsea, The
Slade, Camberwell and Central St Martins.

The artworks comprise painting, sculpture, photography, textiles and drawing
Three of these artists will additionally be selected for a further exhibition at Core Gallery in 2010 to be
announced at the opening.

About the artists:
Jonny Aldous: Jonny was shortlisted for a-n magazine’s emerging artist award 2004. Since this nomination
the artist has exhibited at numerous galleries across the UK, most recently in the Children of the Reservation
exhibition, held in Bristol this year. His latest works express a sense of freedom and play and form momentary
flights of fancy.

Eleanor Bowen: Eleanor’s established career as an artist is centred around her drawing practice, which is mostoften expressed through modes of collage. This, for the artist, is a way of dealing with thought as a
simultaneous process with the ambiguity and instability of personal narrative. Eleanor has previously held
residencies at the Royal Shakespeare Company (Newcastle) and the Centre for Drawing project space
(Wimbledon College of Art).

Tom Butler: Tom Butler uses second-hand postcards as miniature environments in which to create sinister and
fantastical scenarios. Tom graduated in sculpture from the Slade three years ago; this year he has exhibited at
the Barbican Arts Group Trust open show and at the RM Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

mr clement: mr clement recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with a masters in Communication, Art and Design. Taking inspiration from comics, popular culture, porn and classical music, the artist seeks to soften the traditionally highbrow fine art by mixing it with popular sub-culture from the West and the East. Working in the medium of figure design, mr clement attempts to create a direct and pure way for people to understand art, centred on the concepts of simplicity and fun.

Robin Dixon: Robin was selected to exhibit at the Salon ’09 at the Project Space, Vyner Street, and before that has long track record of London contemporary art shows, with multiple exhibitions at the Nunnery Gallery and the Seven Seven Gallery. His painting practice draws its inspiration from small details of found photographs. The artist is attracted to strong structural elements and abstract shapes, forming a background scene to be inhabited by figures.

Louisa Durose: Louisa’s paintings are formal or ceremonial in manner and seek to address feelings of ‘autrui,’
alienation and the plight of the individual. Louisa graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2004. Louisa has
had three recent solo shows under her belt in London and Leicester

Marenka Gabeler: Marenka is a graduate from the RCA and her projects have taken her on residencies in
Japan, Syria and Majorca. Exhibiting internationally, her work is held in high profile collections such as Alison
Jacques Gallery, Caldic Collection and Torch Galler, the Netherlands. Layering pain on a canvas like masks
onto a face, the artist works with a process of covering and revealing. Openings are found that lead to an inbetween world, creating new formal connections and figurative possibilities.

Alison Hand: Alison Hand graduated from the RCA in 2001. Since then she has exhibited at many spaces
both in London and further afield, with shows in Germany and Hong Kong. British Airways features in her list of collectors. Her paintings prise a gap between promise and reality; they are invested with utopianist idealism
whilst remaining characterized by displacement and fantasy.

Alyson Helyer: Alyson is interested in mythological figures, universal archetypes, alchemy, monsters,
amorphous hybrid creatures, deities and many more. In her work she captures fleeting impressions of these
monsters by making the creative process a mix of conscious and unconscious decisions and chance
happenings. A graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design, Alyson has exhibited this year at the Barbican Arts Group Open, and at the Praxis Gallery, London, 2009.

AnnaMaria Kardos: Aimed at collectively inhabited localities, AnnaMaria’s work reveals, negotiates and
activates awareness for our immediate terrain. It reflects on mechanisms that underlie the institutionalised
everyday – authority, discipline and hierarchies are embedded throughout. The artist was born in Hungary and
now lives and works in London, where she has had much success, exhibiting frequently in a variety of
contemporary art spaces in the city.

Simon Leahy-Clark: Exhibited with and shortlisted for the 2008 Jerwood Drawing Prize and with a solo show in Japan last year, Simon’s career is already well established. His work is characterized by an innovative
relationship with his medium; the artist works with newspapers which are stripped of their informative qualities, drawing attention to the qualities of the material itself. The resulting artworks offer a quiet and contemplative refuge from the noise of everyday life.

Jin Han Lee: A Korean artist Lee gained an MA in Fine Art from Central St. Martins in 2008 after relocating to London from Seoul. This year the artist was selected as a finalist for the Guasch Coranty Painting Prize,
Barcelona. Jin Han Lee’s visual practice is an attempt to undermine both Renaissance perspective and
Greenbergian Modernist flatness by combining both in the single work of art.

Broken Britain, Laura Moreton Griffiths

Marion Michell: Marion’s art touches on childhood, on growing up and its anxieties. The artist uses techniques
traditionally linked to a child’s world working with papers, wool and artificial hair to make shoes, figures and
dresses from scratch. This year saw the launch of the artist’s first solo show at The Arthouse, Wakefield.
Marion is a graduate from Central St. Martin’s School of Art & Design with a first class degree in critical fine art practice.

Laura Moreton-Griffiths: Laura’s drawings explore how sentiments towards the countryside are shaped by art
and culture. The artist looks for traces of landscape and rural tradition in the urban modern world. Laura is a
graduate of Camberwell College of Arts and has been shortlisted for the 2010 Jerwood Drawing Prize.

Edd Pearman: Edd graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking. This year he was included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in addition to showing in exhibitions in the Aspex
Gallery, Portsmouth, and in the Museu da Cidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. Edd also works as curator,
curating shows at both the John Jones Project Space and the Mark Jason Gallery, both in London. His recent
works utilize uniforms from national organizations as reference to subvert the often-celebrated cool precision
that uniforms imply in order to suggest other dimensions, whether brutal, chaotic or lethal.

Daisy Richardson: The subject of Daisy’s paintings is the psychological space of a claustrophobic interior
containing mutating objects. The artist seeks to paint in such a way as to pull the viewer in, in a slightly
unsettling way. Daisy has an international exhibiting history, with recent exhibitions in Beijing, France, Ireland
and the UK as well as a solo show in Antwerp last year.

Liz West: Sheffield based artist Liz makes intensely coloured installation, video and photographic works from
arrangements of found materials and consumer goods. Earlier this year Liz took part in the April Fool! show in Leeds Shopping Plaza, part of an Art in Unusual Spaces exhibition. The artist is currently co-curating an
exhibition of her private collection at Leeds City Museum.

James Wright: James Wright graduated from the Royal College of Art. His work uses a vocabulary of symbols and motifs, often from historical painting but many of his own making, to denote the themes of original works which the artist revisits. James Wright was singled out by Kay Saatchi in the 2008 Selfridges Art Exhibition: Anticipation as well as Jerwood painting and drawing prizes as well as being shortlisted for John Moores 25. James recently completed a residency at Gloucester Cathedral, culminating in two solo shows: As It Was In the Beginning and Memento Mori.

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